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ClimateWorx wins the 2017 Ontario Export Award for Global Reach

ClimateWorx, Canada’s only mission critical climate control solutions manufacturer, joined the Bempro Global Group back in 2008 and has since experienced a substantial shift from predominately domestic sales to almost half of sales being exported internationally.

ClimateWorx researches, designs, manufactures and services climate control technology for data centres and vital commercial and industrial applications. We are extremely proud and honoured to receive the 2017 Ontario Export Award for Global Reach.

Members of the Bempro, BMP, CableTalk and ClimateWorx teams pictured

As a company, ClimateWorx refuses to buy into the ‘one size fits all’, ‘cookie cutter’ catalogued product offering and, as a result, have flourished within the niche market of customized solutions. By embracing technology, demanding innovation and promising flexibility, it’s no surprise that ClimateWorx continues to expand its global reach.


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